SIMPLE: trading only 10 ETFs - nothing else

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by diligent, Jun 14, 2006.


    anyone else doing something similar? thoughts?
  2. Surdo


    I follow 8 futures contracts and am active in 2-4 at any given time.
    I am overtrading if I have on more than 4 positions at once.

    Different strokes................
  3. I think 10 is too much! :D

    I trade futures and watch 5 at the max.
  4. yeah mostly just DIA, SPY, GLD, IYR actually.

    i only do ETFs - i dont know enough about options, futures, currencies etc to feel comfortable... (nor do i have or want the account permissions yet ;)
  5. lately ive been doing 1, 2, 3 positions at most with max 10% buying power each... i have used 50% bp with up to 6 positions on rare occasions... mostly during blatent bull markets like 3 months ago.

    i sneak in the occasional equity but rarely.
  6. I like watching futures and i like to follw just the chip stock
    Easy to concerate on 1 sector for me

    Wow, back in April you would have thought it was taboo for Elite Traders to talk about ETFs. I wonder what has them changing their minds?...

    uptick rules, maybe?

    na, that couldn't be it...

    I trade more than 10 ETFs, and more instruments than just ETFs, but some of these are worth a good hard second look... (obviously not the obvious ones. Qs, SPY, DIA, etc.)

    DCB (as in an abbreviated market term, not an ETF or stock)