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  1. Hi,

    I was just looking for suggestion for an easy to use software. I am looking for some sort of software that will show me stocks that I could buy when I put in how much I want to invest. Also something that would show me when to buy and/or sell. I am rather new to investing so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmmm...I think you better wait a while and do some studying.
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    There is no software the will give you profitable trading signals. Save your money. Read these books and understand asset allocation. Then you can invest in ETF's/Mutual Funds while you research trading a little more.....

    Fail Safe Investing by Harry Browne

    Unconventional Success by David Swensen

    The Investor's Manifesto by Bernstein
  4. hi tonster, if any software tells you it can do this, run the other way!

    instead, look for a scanning utility that can scan stocks for the parameters that YOU think will make it a good one to trade
  5. Not to discourage you, but what you are seeking doesn't exist...

    Investing and Trading aren't the same thing...

    Investing is relatively simple, you can read a few good books on asset allocation, diversification, Index funds/ETF's to get the get basics on how to "invest your money"...

    Trading requires much more...

    What most people don't understand when they contemplate quitting their 9-5 to make a living "trading" is that it only comes after thousands of hours experience, learning about oneself, overcoming the psychological barriers. The truth is some never do.

    The one common denominator all the successful traders I know have in common is years of dedication, discipline, hard work and sacrifice...

    Approach trading with this understanding and you increase the odds in your favor...

    Just understand that it can't be had for $99.99
  6. Yeah good advice. There are definitely no 'one-size-fits-all' solutions out there. Look for a stock screening program that you can use to find the types of stocks acting in the way that works for your own personal trading style.

    I like StockVision because it is highly customizable in terms of how you can set up the formulas and there's just a small one-time fee.
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    Use Finviz for the chart analysis,and web-based platform for order entry.It would be almost like to trade options.People with weak hearts usually prefer options...
  8. spark this puppy up and make millions.

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  9. Thank you for all the feedback. It looks like I am going to get some books and start researching a lot more before I do anything. If anybody can give me a couple good books that help with "trading" not so much investing it would be greatly appreciated.

  10. You will get a thousand different opinions...

    Not trading per se, but MUST read Classics [Douglas, Livermore, Graham]

    1, Trading in the zone - Mark Douglas, address's psychology of trading...

    2, Reminiscences of a stock operator - Jesse Livermore

    3, The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham [investing, classic]

    Familiarize yourself with terminology, common patterns, concepts

    4, just keep reading links - good source

    5, Trading for a Living / Come into my trading room -Alexander Elder

    6, Bulkowski - Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns - [basic patterns]


    7, John Murphy - Technical Analysis of the financial Markets - [basic patterns]

    8, Japanese Candlestick Charts - Steve Nison [basic Candle stick formations]

    The list goes on, Wyckoff, Van Tharp,

    That should keep you busy for a month or two...

    None of those books will teach you how to trade or provide strategies, but you have to start somewhere...

    Trade well
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