Simple Technical Analysis Volume Study Survey

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  1. It's programmable in Ensign.

    $39/month. None of that gay two tier pricing shit from Linnsoft.
  2. Tums


    like this?

    <img src=>
  3. Cool....thanks.

    I guess I do agree with you as the linnsoft pricing structure is not optimal imo.....they should just go ahead and put the VB tool back into their basic package.
  4. Well, that is more of a footprint chart with CD numerical data the way, there was a good SHORT set-up showing on your screen shot....LOL! :D
  5. Tums


    <img src= width=800>
  6. Tums - like the middle pane of the three VB tools shown...........

    Middle pane has the cumulative delta shown in a candlestick form (which I prefer), but can be shown as just a line.
  7. Lucrum


    Is there a DYO for that on their site or did you write your own?
  8. I didn't write it, I'm just a country boy from MS.

    I have smart friends though.

    They do have (or used to at least) some cool stuff programmed up freely available on their site. Worth taking a look.
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