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  1. I'm looking for software that allows me to send order instructions to and it will execute them on my Ameritrade account. I'm using Wealth-lab to generate the orders. I know I can using the Ameritrade API or QuoteTracker API but I would rather use a 3rd party tool.

    Software that provides a method to send orders through a simple interface like a file, HTTP or email would be ideal.

    I know Ninja Trader has this ability through their Automated Trading Interface:

    Can anyone recommend software with similar features?

  2. Hey Christopher,

    One option is to use the TD AMERITRADE trading interface in either eSignal or eSignal OnDemand (starting at $24.95/mo).

    You can trade and manage positions with with a single mouse-click from within either eSignal or OnDemand's DOM, FX Dealing box, and Account Manager.

    Installation instructions are straight forward, but if you have any questions, email


    Brent Threadgill
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    I have experienced the same problem, but now I use TDAXL product, that can send orders from Excel to your TDA account, and it works well as connected to reports in Excel
  4. Yes, I also have decided to use the TDA API to execute my orders.

  5. How do they compare to Interacive Brokers? Do they sell order flow?
  6. I have not used the Interactive Broker API so I cannot compare.
    I will tell you this; TD Ameritrade has really done lots in the past few years to expand their product line. And the introduction of this API tops it for me. The API is easy to use and well designed IMO. They have an ActiveX ( COM ) version, DLL or you choose to code against the base protocol of HTTPS/XML. They have samples that are implemented in C#, VB.NET, VB6, Delphi, Excel. Because its HTTP based, you can call the API from just about any language or platform. Their support is great; Jerry and Mike Medved have been quick to address any questions I have had via email or forum. They are also open to feature requests on their forum.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have both accounts in IB and TDA, but still have the special program to export their data and order history to Excel sheets, if you, guys, want to know how, write me to
  8. This is my first post here as I've had ameritrade and scottrade for a year for long range investments but not trading with them. Scottrade has been horrible and I stopped doing anything with them a year ago and finally am changing to some other online broker. They require a local office which dealing with them is like digging up the dead, and if you call the central office, they transfer you back to the local one.

    Ameritrade, though their service has been excellent and they are fine for long term, is not good for trading. They have finagled my sell prices several times and I've stopped trading with them, now waiting for transfer.

    As example, this morning at 7:15 am (10:15 exchange time) their online chart showed 5 long black candles alternating with 4 white up and over a hump and back down. Now... I changed the time period from 5 to 10 minutes and... all the white candles disappeared! Only the black candles were left, all black candles and no white. Also their main screen chart is 1 minute slower than command center. When the bars are the same, they're set 1 minute behind. Other times their graphs are just wacky, and they don't match up with the prices.

    This is at the least my experience with ST and AT.
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    I use IBXL product , it is convenient to transform all streming data into Excel. there is a tab like Excel add-ins and very easy
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    no, they do not sell order flow, they sell the product, advanced Excel add-in that can download streming data to Excel from trader workstation

    ASs for TDA it can also track positions, pending orders, balances and even trade directly from Excel
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