simple strategy....but very profitable

Discussion in 'Trading' started by voltrader, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Darkhorse,

    Are you trading stocks options or futures?

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  2. at the moment stocks

    eventually everything
    #92     Sep 3, 2002
  3. Okay, but how did she buy "more stocks that went up instead of down"? If it wasn't because of the bull market and luck as I stated, how did she pick her stocks (TA, FA, AA, RA, etc)?

    As long as I'm consistently (and quickly) making huge sums of money, I personally don't really care what time frame I trade. If I can make more with less risk as a position trader than as a day- or swing trader, just call me Mr. Position 'cause that's what I'll be trading.
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  4. prox


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