Simple solution to the Deficit, Why arent we already doing this?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Apr 12, 2011.

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    I have come to the realisation that no one in Government gives a shit about the deficit, but this is an incredibly simple solution that would inevitably balance the budget at some point in time.

    Here it is. We are currently running a budget of more than 3 trillion dollars, with a 1.6 trillion dollar deficit.

    Why dont we simply create a rule whereby every single spending increase must either be met with an equal spending decrease from somewhere else, or an equal tax increase in order to off set it, until we are running a surplus.

    So if we currently have a 3.5 trillion dollar budget, in order for spending to increase in some area next year, it must be offset either with a tax increase, or else a spending decrease from somewhere else. We are never allowed to spend more then 3.5 trillion dollars until we take in more then 3.5 trillion dollars, and we are never allowed to add more to the deficit then the previous fiscal year. Force these fuckers in congress to make someone feel the pain for their deicisons to spend/tax more, and see how much the people like it when they realise that the higher spending has consequences. Why are we allowing government spending to increase, when we dont have the money to pay for it?

    There isnt a business in the world that would last more then a a couple years if they were increasing spending at a time when revenues were decreasing or staying flat, so why dont we hold the government to the same standard? How has it become acceptable to increase the size of government, with no money to back it up?

    I dont understand why someone hasnt already pushed this simple idea which would force politicians on both sides to eventually work together on putting us on a path to fiscal solvency. Under this plan we dont even have to increase taxes, or cut spending (which all politicians seem opposed to) we just have to let this shit stay the same while we inflate our way out of the mess.
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    They absolutely do NOT care hence the reason we have such a huge deficit to begin with and why your idea will never gain traction and even if it did congress would ignore it the first time it became inconvenient.
  3. Don't worry, the tax man cometh.
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    And then what? These simpletons will send it out the door (via entitlements) just as quick as they get it..... I have said this before and ill say it again, im not necessarily 100% opposed to the government raising my taxes, provided there is some sort of accountability, and provided it actually went towards balancing the budget. I am completely opposed to these shitheads raising my taxes to pay for an entitlement program like Obamacare, while there is absolutely no plan in place to end the current cesspool of government waste which we are currently facing.

    I would be all for it if these idiots running the U.S. said, "we are going to raise your taxes by "X" amount of dollars, but all future expenditures will be offset by decreasing other expenditures. We will never raise your taxes again." As it stands the government is a bottomless pit, and all i ever do is throw my money away into an endless heap of shit.
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    Why is there 10 threads started about Donald Trump and not a single post that addresses the issue of of government overreach? Is this how shameless the Democrats have become? Apparently most people would rather watch a video of Donald trump, then actually do something to fix this nation. :(
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    Why not pass a balanced budget?

    Why not vote for a debt ceiling?

    Why not pay Government workers private sector wages?

    Lot's of simple, easy solutions out there. Politically, they're suicide. Americans vote on the economy. And this joke of an economy runs on debt and borrowed cash. End that, and our house of cards unravels in the sand. And so to it, all the career politicians who voted for it. The problem is Congress and ignorant Americans. Change one, and the problem gets fixed. As it stands, we've got a majority of self-serving, ignorant douches on Mainstreet and Capital Hill. That is not an easy problem to fix. The only way we solve that problem is grassroots education of the impending fiscal disaster, and hope the sheep vote in a candidate who echos those concerns. We've got a few in office, but not enough.
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    Well said!!!

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    Curious what you meant by this. (Aside from the obvious)