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Discussion in 'Trading' started by rcj, May 19, 2006.

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    Maybe one or two of these might provide
    some action on friday.

    ...... rj

    Good Trading To Everyone.
  2. Just curious... what do fundamentals have to do with intraday stock movement?
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  4. My apologies. I always forget that most ppl on this board swing trade.

    My goal is to make money everyday; not to wait for a single trade which may or may not materialize.
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    Hi Fader

    I pretty much agree with what you say. But seems to me
    there are lots of stks traded intra-day with generally good
    fundamentals, right? Like SNDK,AAPL, BBY, NUE,XOM,PTEN,
    Dell,CTXS, AMD,etc.

    Im not an experienced trader yet so i usually want liguidity from
    a mix of buyers/sellers, investors, swing traders, intra-day folks.
    So, when/if the price action picks up these are what i usually
    prefer to trade intra-day.

    Also, i would like to subscribe to Trade-Ideas at some point but
    i just dont feel i am ready to take advantage of its capabilities.

    thanks for posting.

    ... rj
  6. You simply are not going to catch ANY intraday moves looking at fundamentals - earnings and surpise news being the exception. Again, you'll lose ALL of your money if you try to daytrade a stock and just can't believe it's not acting in line with what you believe to be its fundamental value. If it were that easy, we'd all be millionaires.
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    Thanks for the post, Fader.

    Again, i pretty much agree with you. It would certainly be crazy

    "...if you try to daytrade a stock and just can't believe it's not acting in line with what you believe to be its fundamental value."

    I maintain a watchlist page in TWS with about 40-50 stks at
    any given time. I want SOME of those stks to have the characteristics reflected in the screen list for the reasons i stated in an earlier post. If ... of them happens to go price active
    then im going to pop up a chart and ck it out real quick.

    lader Fader

    ... rj
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    I am going to put up the Friday screen again. Ive included
    several charts of stks from the list. I was only able to get to OS
    Made a good short entry at 9:55 and then and exited about 10 min later. Yeah, i screwed up. I should have stayed in longer.

    ... rj
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    I cannot quite agree with FaderTrader. I think fundamental does play its role even for intra-day trading, it will be ignorant to purely rely on technical or whatever price-action. For instance, a good fundamental under-valued stock (say trading at 75% of intrinsic value) may drop 3 days in a role. Yet, when it bounes back up intra-day, in collaboration with technicals, traders can have more confidence to hold on to a long position (even the level 2 shows low liquidity on the bid side).
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