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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Luckystar, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Luckystar


    Hi there,

    I`m SUPER new to trading..except that I want to trade futures.. Now the following queries I have searched and searched to find answers foto no avail...may be I`m asking the wrong questions or need more eyes?

    btw don`t worry I`m not going to throw my 20k untill I`m at least 83% sure of what I`m doing ;O)...

    Ok here goes:

    1) To get up and going in Eminis (besides knowledge) all I need is:

    a) A broker
    b) Charting soft
    c) Intra day charts


    2) Some/all brokers provide charts and even
    software or visa versa what do you
    experienced traders suggest?

    2a) I have heard that Ninja trader is the bee
    knees for order entry but most traders
    seem to use esignal or TSation etc for
    charting... Why? isn`t that a waste of $$

    2b) Is there such a thing as free intra day

    2c) Is it possible to set up a free sim account
    with free streaming charts?

    2d) Does charting software all have order entry
    like the SuperDOM thing on Ninja?

    2e) What the hell is Zenfire and why do I need

    3) Due to the fact that I am fresh meat I am
    considering joining puretick as they appear to
    be of great educational use for newbies.
    Do I need to or are they simply giving
    information that is freely available?

    Thanks in future (poor joke eh) for any and all help and may you all be successful.

  2. Rockhoundnz

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    Hi Luckystar

    I've been with Puretick for about 5 months and am very happy with them. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about them, and suggest a few brokers and charting software. Feel free to drop me a quick email and I'll help out where I can.

  3. 1. Newbie: do yourself a favor. Why trade the way you want to trade? I do not want you to be a fresh meat for the market.

    2. If there is ANYONE out there who is going to charge you money for trading data or info here is my challenge to you and them:

    Tell them to beat me, and I provide the information free. The best they can do (and they will not be able to do it) is to match me. Why, because I sell tops and buy bottoms at the 1-minute level? The hardest business that world has ever know. And I know of NO one who can even come close to me.

    Check my threads, and my blog is you doubt me. I am not bragging, but my calls are a fact and are deadly to anyone who takes the opposite side.

    The latest victims are those who bought from me when NDX was at 1993 at 11:15AM.

    Bring me your intended market service provider here on ET or on my blog, and I will beat them in front of everyone.

    The challenge will be open for as long as long as possible!
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    Cool :D
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    Oh god... no...
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    It is amazing how you have time to trade...what with almost 2000 posts in six months.
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    I have the poster you are referring to on block. Do I add Luckystar to the luminaries.
  8. Luckystar


    Hey stop using my thread for bitchn.. I`m serious.

    If someone wants to try and 'Scam' me I will research stuff on my own accord and work out if they are in fact doing so.

    Maybe you could help answer my questions instead.

    btw thanx Rockhoundz

    Peace love and pixels
  9. These are all good questions. Please understand that its very rare to be profitable your first couple of years.

    I would read the threads/posts here, buy the recommended books (trading in the zone, market wizards I and II, reminiscences of a stock operator, etc.,), then paper trade an actual SYSTEM learing what works for and what doesn't while keeping flawless records of each trade.

    I don't get a lot of time to post here like I would like, but I certainly read the board at night when the kids go to bed, and I'm done with my RIA work for Clients. (paperwork... Yuck!)

    Best of luck to you! Welcome to ET
  10. Luckystar


    Thanx man

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