Simple question, Why use QT, with IB?

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  1. What is the deal with using QT "Quote Tracker" in conjunction with interactive broker, if the broker already has is own platform and its own data feed?

    Thank in advance to those who are dissent enough to answer.
    Have a good trading day TOO ALL
  2. The charts sucks on TWS. But i guess if you can live with it, you dont need QT.
  3. DonDinero

    QuoteTracker has far more functionality with the intraday charts, alerts, news, etc. Though TWS has basic charting, basic seems to be the operative word. With IB you are not stuck with whatever the broker provides. You can use them for what they are good at - execution and fast datafeed. And use programs such as QuoteTracker for what we are good at - charting, alerts, etc.
  4. so what's the cost of qt per month to use with ib? i'm with tradestation and there data feed hasn't been very good
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    Hmm...I am using QuoteTracker and IB right now. So far I like it. I can make the charts look just like eSignal. May even ditch eSignal, but would have to do without data downloads and custom indicators. Exchange fees are a lot less, too.
  6. Does TWS need to be running in the background for quote tracker to operate?

    How does it handle 2-3 monitors?
  7. From my experience: Yes and yes

  8. IB charges $10/month if you do not have $30 in commissions (I believe those #s are right). If using QT with IB, you do need TWS running. Can be minimized.

    QT can be used for free, or registered ($7/month or $60/year). Registration increases max # of days on intraday charts from 2 to 10 and gets rid fo 6 month restriction on historical charts. And of course - gets rid of the ads
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    I use 2 monitors with QT. IB is the datafeed. Have 2 QT windows open. 1 for IB futures (emini, oil, gold, bond, etc). 1 for Ameritrade stocks & options. Have linked historical chart, 60/15/5/1 minute charts, T & S. Have some stock alert setup. The real time datafeed is free. QT costs less than $10/month.

    I do not think IB provide good charting service. The only possible better/free charting service coming is from my Thinkorswim broker.
  10. I have had very bad luck using IB as a data provider, I use IQFeed with Quotetracker. Another 26/mo usually, depends upon what feeds you need.

    - IB changes feed characteristics and don't tell anyone, causing QT guys to scramble, causing you to burn a trading day

    - IB goes down or does the feed

    - IB backfill is not tick by tick, if you lose internet connection, the backfill will be consolidated data.

    Search the QT support boards for IB problems...
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