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Is the Plunge Protection Team currently active in the markets, preventing a plunge?

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  1. Well?
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    A little over a decade ago we were in a rip-roaring bull market and the crashistas/permabears just couldn't stand it. On and on they would bitch and moan about "they". "They" was the PPT, that nameless/faceless group of hobgoblins that kept the market up when it was supposed to be down. Day after day, the PPT would piss all over the crashistas and permabears and falsely push the market to another record high. I didn't really get annoyed at the crashistas/permabears because I knew that someday the market would plunge and then they would be forced to admit that there is no plunge protection team.

    Man, was I ever wrong. Here we are, the market has plunged and lost over half of it's value and I'm still reading the same crap about these omnipotent hobgoblins propping the market up. Not even the fact that the market has plunged can keep a conspiracy wacko from denying the existance of a plunge protection team.

    And yes, I'm soooooo looking forward to the posts in this thread that are going to read something like this, "only an idiot can't see the PPT is for real".

    PS: The wikipedia entry on the PPT does not prove their existence. (why did I just waste my time typing this?)