simple question on series 3, 63, 65 license test

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  1. it is under my impression that one does not need FIRNA firm sponsorship to take the 3 test. Also, one can take the 63, 65 test without FIRNA sponsorship. But is there a pre-req to the 63, 65 test? I thought a series 7 is needed for the 63, 65 to be ACTIVE but not to take it.

    My situation is that I do not have a 7, but would like to take the 63, 65 and then take the 7.
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    series 65 you can take without a sponsor. You have to register someplace within 2 years.
  3. If you can you might consider taking the Series 66 instead, as it rolls the 63 and 65 into one and fulfills blue sky law requirements and also gives you the investment adviser designation...
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    You do need to have the Series 7 at some point with the Series 66, not with the 65. I am not sure if the OP is planning on a Series 7 or not before wanting to use the 63/65/66.
  5. i do plan on getting the series 7 however currently I do not have a sponsor but still wish to get the 63, and 65.
  6. Along the same lines, I am currently an undergrad, without a lot of finance experience ( a Soc major). I have time and initiative to take either 63, 3, or 65 i will probably do 2 of them. I was thinking 3 and 63, just because as I have been told 63 is mandatory, and 3 I want to do just cause I like the credentialism. Now I am mostly doing this so my resume is jam packed with noticeable initiative. Is this considered a poor strategy? Im a senior but was not on campus last semester so missed all the bulge recruiting sessions. Any thoughts??
  7. I myself am a college junior and recently passed the series 3. I too was wondering if it would be a good strategy to take the 63 or 65 considering my gpa isnt amazing (3.0) and I dont have much solid work experience.
  8. Does anyone have Series 3 Study Materials they'd like to sell? If so, please let me know the exact materials you have and publication date.

    Thank you!
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    I took the 66 before landing a position. The two firms that I interviewed with mentioned that it made a good impression.
  10. What position did you land, if you don't mind me asking??
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