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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by trader28, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. 2 min MACD on any of the emini contracts, watch for it to cross it's Moving Average Line with a Zero Line Cross, exceptionally high percentage trade, you can feel everyone jumping on.
    Thing is just about every trader I know either only uses the MA cross, or the Zero Line cross... one is trend, the other is momentum... I cant believe how many good traders dont see that almost all the trades that really move have the combination of the two. They'll go long on a MA cross to the upside when it is well below the Zero Line and wonder why it fails and has no momentum

    There has been 3 nice shorts in the last hour on the ER2 using that methodology, just nice little $200 scalps

    Note: You can use a 9 period Simple Moving Average on the price chart to get you in a little earlier when you see it setting up

    If the 10 minute MACD is below it's Zero Line (as it has been all day) then so much the better for the shorts on the 2 minute
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  2. glad you posted this as a seperate thread - was going to suggest you did. wtg 28
  3. would be good to post a chart
  4. Would be good if I was techy enough to do that, any suggestions? I'm using MetaStock Pro 9.0
  5. Razor


    macd settings would help as well

    hit print screen with chart up on screen, go to ms paint, hit paste, then save as .jpeg

    then go to and upload your pic there from where you save it, then it should give you an url, paste that url here on ET and bingo ! :D
  6. Ms Magic

    Ms Magic

    Trader 28 - please advise what settings you use on the MACD
  7. Bog standard default (12,26,9)
  8. I dont have a printer and it wont let me do that... yes I know I'm Amish
  9. Ms Magic

    Ms Magic

    Thanks Trader 28 - one more thing. I have different codes on my software can you pls tell me what codes you use for the e-mini contracts on the:
    Dow, S&P & the Nasdaq? e.g er2=
  10. You don't need a printer.

    The print screen button is on your keyboard, usally right about the insert button.

    All it does is copy the screen to a sort of "clipboard" and allows you to save the image as a file.
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