Simple Prison and Criminal System Reform

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  1. Anyone incarcerated in any prison for a term > 1 year, serving a death or life sentence is banished. Anyone facing any criminal charge may voluntarily renounce US citizenship and seek banishment as a plea bargain.

    Banishment removes them from our society and sets them free either in a reserved area in Alaska or on one of the many islands we own or to any country that wants them. These exCriminals are microchipped and may never return to the US. Any family or friends that want to join them may also seek banishment and leave.

    This should set free a significant portion of the 5 Million + criminals that we subsidize and allow the criminal system to focus on short term rehabilitation and shore up our borders.
  2. Escape from LA
  3. I'm all for it. If you can't live within our society's rules. Get out.
    Stop the free ride.. Set them free and let them fight to survive.

    Escape from LA... Nah... I'm thinkin a big Alaskan Wilderness exCriminal Reserve. I'd be surprised if 1/4 of them make it through the winter but its no longer our problem.

    The problem right now is because of budgetary costs and the economy we are releasing them back into our society.
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    With the brain scanning technology and the knowledge of psychopathology that we have we can database the psychos from an early age, chip them, track them, and contain them, maybe tag and bag them at the first horrible act instead of the thousandth...

    Read up on The Ice Man, aka The Big Guy.. between a hundred and two hundred murders he did, his entire arrest record was two misdemeanors for road rage... some of his stories were good really, he had some carload of gangstas chasing him at one point, he pulled over in a rest area, they came out of their car thinking he was Quivering John Q Public and he blew them all away and drove off, broad daylight... so that part was not so bad but many of his victims were entirely innocent... not to mention that he killed every dog and cat in his neighborhood as a teenager and killed a teenager or two to boot...

    Or we could just cut off all welfare, it's the crime subsidy that never stops giving...
  5. It doesn't take a psychic to foresee the future...

    Economies Bad, Job Outlook is even worse
    States are releasing convicts to save $ igniting a fire.
    All these paroles who have not a pot to piss in will soon be back to their old ways.

    If we don't have an expedient and cost efficient way to remove criminals permanently from our society then are laws and rules are impotent and moot.

    This would especially curb white collar crimes and likewise any corporation that commits crimes gets liquidated and dissolved as do the assets of the employees and officers responsible and they get banished... It is utterly insane to subsidize and spend one dime on the thieves that rape, pillage and steal from our society.

    No more plea deals, No three strikes, no morality conflicts with regards to capital punishment. Just banish them just like we would any immigrant and get them the hell out.

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    How about looking at the problem from a different angle.
    Such as, a criminal gets a sentence of time to re-habilitate him and then is able to completely satisfy a panel that he won't commit any more crime.

    He is let out on the understanding that should he re-offend he will go to the rehab centre where he is given electric shock treatment until then he can satisfy the panel he won't re-offend again. A second chance.

    Should he continue re-offending then he is deemed a lost cause and shot.

    Thus maximum sentences are not 20 years of wasted time and money but more like 20 weeks.
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    I would make 1 major change to this system, anyone found guilty of child molestation, Rape or, 1st or Second degree murder, when irrefutable DNA evidence is found must be dragged straight out of the court room and shot, no time wasted in prison, game over for them right there.

    If you have ever seen one of those lockup specials you would know that those pedophiles are all fucking cowards, they wimper on t.v. about how hard there life is and how they always have to hide like they are some sort of victim, when they went out and raped a little kid. I have yet to see one on there talk about how sorry he feels for the kid, it is always how sorry they feel for themselves, i guarantee alot of those chicken shits would be deterred if they knew they were going to be a dead man within a couple months if they raped a child.

  8. Nah... no need to waste a bullet or create any debate over capital punishment.

    The perfect spot is Rat Island in the western Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The island is 10 sq miles with no permanent population.

    Just set them free on this island and let nature takes its course. .. A test of Darwin's Natural Selection theory. Effectively the same results as a death or life sentence... Criminals are permanently removed from our society without the taxing expense of trials, appeals and prison costs.

    Funny thing is we have all these laws and rules for deporting immigrants but have nothing other than incarceration for our own natural citizens.

    Take the $$$ saved and convert the prisons to hospitals and nursing homes.
    Same layout ;)
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    A couple of hundred years ago the British tried something vaguely similar to that on an island known as Australia.
  10. Rent the movie to see what happens next...

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