Simple mechanical system

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  1. I am looking for simple mechanical system for day trading index futures. The system is not automated. I will manually execute the trade and very strictly stick to rules.

    Any help? resources ,books ,anything?

    Replies much appreciated
  2. Sure, I'll give you a system. And Warren Buffett will just sign all his wealth over to me.
  3. Apply MACD to a chart of ES with 5min bars. Short when MACD is below the zero line and go long when MACD is above the zero line. In a trend environment like the later portion of today it works, in a whipsaw environment it does not. If you can tell the difference then voila.
  4. File this under "anything".

    Nothing works 100% of the time so just FWIW.......and enjoy.

  5. Retief


  6. Identify the "critical" times of the trading day so you're not waiting for random signals to occur. :cool:
  7. Anyway you need deeply understand the trading system so the best way is to elaborate it by yourself:

    1. Use technical approaches to analyze chart.
    2. Discover what works better.
    3. Test your system on historical data
    4. When you sure it works, start trading but strictly follow money management rules.