Simple Issue For Democrats

Discussion in 'Politics' started by qdog, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. qdog


    Is it true that?

    1.) George Bush's Treasury Secretary, Paulson, has but together a consortium of privateer firms that is artificially pushing the stock market to new highs.

    2.) The participating firms will be rewarded when the republicans are successful in creating private accounts?

    3.) The purpose of this effort is to show the public an investment wonderland and soften them up for the privatize social security push.

    Any reason why these questions shouldn't be asked?

  2. Hey, ask questions-DEMAND answers.

    All of this has been a work in progress, do your research and it's a foregone conclusion.
    And i wont be proven wrong.
  3. qdog


    Those who deman answers at this time don't have a loud enough voice.

    This is issue is a gift to Democrats. But Democrats are lazy.
    Democrats won't consider an issue that can't be explained to them in one sentence.

    Republicans aren't interested because they think private accounts are a free market solution. Of couse they are really just a another government program and a subsidy to the securities industry.

    I've been trying to get people interested in this issue for a long time.
    Its tough. Lawmakers are artistic at dismissing arguments.

  4. maybe the markets are going up because it looks like bush will lose control?
  5. qdog


    Is that a reason that the questions need not be asked?
  6. Arnie


    Gee, maybe the market is going up because of 18 straight quarters of double digit profit growth! Or maybe because intersest rates are stll near historic lows, so why not invest in undervalued stocks? Or maybe because it's not just the US that is growing, but India and China. In fact India already has a middle class that is BIGGER than the entire population of the US. Gee ya think?

    Fucking idiots!
  7. First question is how do you know the above are facts?

  8. qdog



    But, any reason why we shouldn't ask the questions?
  9. Sure, you can ask any questions you like - it's still a free country (so far). However, only questions within a reasonable logic will be answered.

    Find concrete evidence of what you are saying, then you'll see the story reported everywhere. Otherwise, have you heard of a secret UFO department run by the US government?
  10. qdog


    Gee that is going to be hard, since questions have to be asked in order to find concrete evidence.

    I can't find any flaw in the logic. So, I quess I'll keep asking the question, with your permission of course.

    Its funny how thing work. I've seen a few news stories speculating that Goldman Sachs was manipulating gas prices. But darned, there wasn't any hard evidence.

    Surely there must have been some rules broken there. All these people speaking up, and no one has hard evidence.

    Its a crying shame
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