Simple is better

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  1. jrs3


    Dont you think so?
  2. After spending 3 yrs going through every indicator known, all my charts look like that one. I feel thats all you need, a trend indicator and a momentum indicator.

  3. ====================

    Simple is better than overdoing it.

    Personaly like a complex number of moving averages;
    when studied long enough - actually is simple when studied long enough.

    Top trader William O ' Neill simply , mainly uses only 2 MA.:cool:

    Some trees look dead this time of year;
    not really- its just seasonal.:cool:
  4. doug456


    what settings are you using on this chart?
  5. Century


    Could you explain more about that chart, What averages are they? Simple, exp, weighted.....What length? Are they displaced?

    Do you have a problem in sideways markets?

    Do you just trade crosses?

    How is that oscillator on the bottom setup?

    Thanks very much,
  6. dbphoenix


    If simple is better, what do you suppose is the simplest answer?

  7. I certainly agree that, all else being equal, simple is better. However, I can't help but notice that you picked a particularly lovely chart to illustrate your point. Do you find this chart to be representative? If not, then what about all of the other ones?
  8. LOL.... another chart fitted indicator... (which is not a system)...

    Don't mistake and mixed simple with robust.

    Put that figure in a 10 year system backtest.

    .... Got a problem with what I say... post the BS in the Forum above.
  9. jrs3


    Simple really is better, try it ! Backtesting over optimized systems create a false since of security, amateurs need that security.
  10. doug456


    what settings are you using, i would like to backtest this.
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