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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by nixodian, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. statements sent to our emails should have the time of execution as well as date. A simple addition making a BIG difference. So that we can analyse our trades later , their quote problems might be tricky for them to sort out but surely they can add this detail. anyone agree?
  2. Please no more e-mails at all. Secure account login on website
    only !
    Def - could you forward this, the plain E-Mails are a big security hole.
  3. alanm


    Speak for yourself! I have scripts that auto-process my emailed statements when they are received. Having to download my statements every day would be a pain, since I'm sure they'd do it in a way that couldn't be easily scripted.

    Of course, supporting PGP encryption would be nice, but I'm sure it would be a support nightmare.

    Although, it would be nice if they'd remove the username in the statement, and maybe mask part of the account number.

    nix: The execution times are in the execution reports produced locally by TWS. If you sort the statement by the "No" (first) column, they will be in the same order as the exec report, except on the rare occasion when the numbers roll over from 999999 during a day.
  4. ktm


    I agree to take the username out of the email. I think the user ought to be able to choose how they want to receive statements. either via email or login only.
  5. Yeah, but all I want as far as the statements are concerned via website or email is the TIME of the b uy or sell execution, not a big deal to add it on is it?