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  1. I'm running Excel 97 and am wondering if MS has increased the number of columns on a spreadsheet in Office XP's Excel 2002?

    In Excel 97 the right most column on a spreadsheet is IV (that's 255 columns). Has this been changed or is Excel still limited to 255 columns?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. I just looked at my Excel 2002 and it goes to IV. Sorry!
  3. Thanks a lot :)
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    Might suggest you look at the MS Office clone freeware spreadsheet from either
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    Just a hint (may have nothing to do with your issue) ..... Speadsheets are not databases. You can store and manipulate quite a bit of data in a spreadsheet but if you are beginning to run into storage or shaping limitations then it may be a clue that you need to move some of your data off to an external database and link to it from excel - let the database shape and house the data and merely send it back for display and simple analysis in the spreadsheet - or if the amount of data in the speadsheet is not large, that you need to rework the structure of your spreadsheets ....
  6. Seems as though it still has that limitation. Maybe these will help:
    (You might find some third party applications help here)

    Hope that helps. :)