Simple example of UDP packet program in c/c++ under Linux

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  1. i have written a multicast program which:

    -it build a network topology with a specific text file
    -allow nodes to join to/prune from multicast group
    -allow only multicast group members receive multicast packets from the multicast root

    compiles/tested under linux

    it worked with my test cases.

    email me... and i'll provide the code and specs
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  2. nitro


    I just brought this program over to MSWindows and it works perfectly.

    I have no idea why this does not work under linux. Often this kind of problem has to do with security issues or wrong routing tables, but everthing looks ok...

    :confused: nitro :confused:
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  3. nitro


    I figured it out :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Had to add an obscure class D (multicast) IP route to go through eth1 to the routing table.

    paaaaaaaaaaaahty :D Amazing what a good night sleep and a long walk can do.

    Thanks to all that helped.

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