Simple Economics From an Asian Taxi Driver

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  2. That's awesome. I love this guy. He's 100% right.

    Two things are killing the U.S.: Joblessness and debt.

    Debt is the dirtiest four letter word in the English vocabulary.

    Is that really you in the backseat of the taxi?
  3. Are you Filo or Peri?
  4. hehe...he said "Dont use credit! It's very 'row crass'"
  5. I agree, that's how I have lived last 10 + years. I use 4 credit cards and pay them off every month for rewards and protection against vendors.

    Let's not forget though Japan has 50+ year mortgages, so some Asians obviously believe in credit.
  6. nah he din say row crass... he said low class i heard him
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    How was I being condescending? The asian way is cash - and its something they should be proud of. If only americans had his mentality....
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    Yep thats me. And Peri. DJ's are glorified nerds and the endless hours on airplanes makes for great reading on fibonacci analysis :)
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    Mostly Trance/Progressive - same management and booking agent as Paul van Dyk. Yes I am - didn't think anyone here would be into that! I studied economics and it has always been a passion of mine, equal to music.
  10. Got a link, website ...YouTube? Where can I hear your stuff?
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