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  1. How much is the RT version of AB? Does AB have 'paintbars' (using the language of TS), that is bars that get painted in some special way depending on conditions on some indicators?
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  2. Every aspect of Amibroker can be easily customized to suit your needs. (Easier than TS "easy language")
    I gave you my opinion, don't be lazy, do your research.
    For further info (pricing etc) why don't you just visit the website.
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  3. gulf690


    Having used both these programs, I would suggest either Medved Quotetracker (nice clean charts, free till you register, most indicators) or Sierra Chart (also clean charts, around $10 per month, all the indicators, strategies, templates etc).
    Both rely on IB's data feed (or perhaps a third party can be used, I'm not sure on that), so the effective cost is minimal.

    Brad :)
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  4. From AB web site it says:

    -build-up and store historical tick or 5- or 15-second bar data for backtesting purposes (RT version, eSignal feed only)

    -build-up and store intraday minute-bar or end-of-day data for backtesting purposes

    If I understand it correctly, if you're using AB Pro AND Esignal you can store tick, 5-15s data. Without Esignal, it's minute or EOD data only?

    I don't understand that! Do I have to have Esignal to use the RT features of AB?

    Do you have EOD or RT version of AB? What data provider do you use (I heard that IQ has lots of bad ticks, that are not yet filtered out)>

    Always appreciate your comments - thanks.
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  5. Hello,

    No you don't need eSignal to use RT (Professional) version
    you can use any supported data source:

    As for the part that confuses you: it actually means that
    maximum bar resolution (minimum interval) is TICK when using eSignal,
    and 1-MINUTE using OTHER sources.
    Of course 1-minute bars and higher are also updated in real time (every tick)
    There are no other differences.
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  6. Would you please answer also my question posted here before:

    Does AB have 'paintbars' (using the language of TS), that is bars that get painted in some special way depending on conditions on some indicators?
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  7. Hello,

    Of course it has. Price charts and indicators can be colored according to your criteria on bar by bar basis:

    Read section "color your bars" in the

    See also my AmiBroker codes published monthly in Stocks&Commodities traders tips section. I use "paint-bar"-style bar coloring quite often there.

    There are also many formulas that use bar-by-bar coloring,
    color ribbons, etc. available here:
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  8. Thanks Tomasz. I appreciate that.

    I have owned Amibroker EOD for several months, but must say that have found other softwares more suitable for daytrading and so I have never upgraded to its RT version and have never used Amibroker for much except some stock swing trading. I guess, I need to take a closer look at Amibroker capabilities again. Now, here is some suggestion for you from an active daytrader:

    I have already asked two developers to implement this feature in their products and one of them have responded positively to a part of my request within minutes. It was Ati from Amigocharts. If you considered this as well you would certainly get a new RT Amibroker user. And probably a few more would jump on along.
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  9. Tomasz,

    a related question:

    Does Amibroker have a ShowMe type of study that (in TS) plots a dot above or below a bar that satisfies certain conditions according to your criteria? If not, is it possible to implement this in Amibroker using its programming language?

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  10. Tradestation is certainly good at using catching names for features :)

    Yes TS-style "show me" dots (and not only dots) can be easily coded using AMiBroker's PlotShapes function:

    Not only dots but all kinds of various shapes can be plotted
    above or below bars meeting user-defined criteria with PlotShapes function.
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