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  1. I would like to play around a bit with an automated system but I know practically nothing about programming and api's. What I want to do is not very complicated, just when indicator #1 reaches a certain value and indicator #2 reaches a certain value and volume reaches a certain value go long at market. Are there any programs out there that would allow a person to set up something along that line without knowing anything about programming?
  2. Wealthlab (now owned by Fidelity) has a wizard you can use. You can run systems for free on their website but can't use the wizard there. However you can download the 30 day free trial, use the wizard, then upload your code to the website and run it there.

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    Check out both:

    Dynamite Sentimentor www.

    The technology to automate is getting better all the time but there is nothing simple about it yet unless your both a trading wizard AND a computer programming guru. You can automate very professionally and securely with both these softwares without programming ability, but learning to use them, testing your system, and confirming that it's stable will take alot of time and effort, there's no way around it.

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    If you are using Interactive Brokers (IB) see the freelance tools of IB ( You can find tools as these

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    Understated possibly. I'm years into this stuff and realizing that the project should have 3 people and allow 5 years maybe. I'm one person and about 6 years into it, all part time. I'm finally getting skill enough with the software side to get things done efficiently, finally seeing markets fairly clearly, finally becoming a good program manager and computer repairman/rebuilder/upgrader to maybe get to the finish of something. If nothing else I picked up a lot of technical skills.
  6. hi guys,

    automated systems are great if they work, and especially for those lazy people who cant sit and wait properly behind the desk and use their.

    the truth is automated systems are VERY dangerious.. they have no sense of the fundamentals..

    if the system u have in mind really works, why dont u just employ a kid or ask ur wife to sit on the desk and go long if A goes up, B goes up and volume does whatever?

    the truth is if u cant teach how someone to trade and be profitable by some guidlines like this, then u could never do with some computer system. thats because it takes more.. a gut feeling, intuition, experience and common sense.

    in practice automated systems are OK to complement u during the day - with a constant watch on it.

    emerically automated systems have a long long way to go if they are to replace humans.

    millions have been spent on neural networks finance technology and AI.. i know some great scientist who programmed a system that worked like a human eye would act toward the sun and recognised 'colours' in the market.. yet they still havent' worked and much research has been dropped in the area.

    the point is, no matter how much maths and logic in the world, there is always a place for human judgement - which can make all the difference.
  7. actually, i just had a look at wealth-script and greatly thanks for the link - the software is amazing if u know how programmin works.

    i suggest learning programming if want highly automated system - then u know exactly how it works, u know its weaknesses and ull have control over it.

    a highly sophisticated system should not be purely techincal based. it should have human intuition "inputs".

    for example:

    what you need is this:

    1. when A goes up, B goes etc. under the following conditions: (where the conditions are updated realtime by a human operator)

    probablity of war: 54%
    how much I think the market could move today:=40-50%
    (modelled around the way u think of the markets and trading)


    otherwise:= (SELL);


  8. If you use IB you can try Zero Line Trader front end for automatic order placement. It will place market orders received from your charting software. It can be done if you have some programming skills. You can try it in ZLT in simulation mode and when ready try it on your IB paper account.

  9. I got a fully working version if u want. but its version 3.
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    LOL When automobiles came on the scene the buggy whip makers were saying the same things about cars.

    "automobiles are great if they work, and especially for those lazy people who cant sit and wait properly behind the horse and use their whip

    the truth is automobiles are VERY dangerious.. they have no sense of the direction.. "
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