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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by saminny, Jul 19, 2008.

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    I am in need for a simple automated trading system. I used to work for a hedge fund and now planning to run the strategies from home. I need some suggestions on some good platform that I could use that is simple, streamlined and easy to back-test and automate.

    I don't need any charting capabilities or advanced analytical tools/capabilities, what I need is:
    - real time market data: I should be able to register a market data listener that gets call back when the quotes change.
    - real time trades: register a trade listener that gets call back when there are new trades.
    - order management: simple calls to send new orders, cancel, amend, etc.
    - access to historical data: quotes/trades/volume etc.

    I saw some tools from brokers on the net and I found some of them really advanced with charting, powerful scripting languages. I could not find these simple features described somewhere behind all the complicated jargon of features and aspects of the language and charts and so on..

    What I need is something simple yet fast and streamlined system. I need access to the data in real time via listeners. All the analytics I can do on my own. It would be better if it is available in a known programming language such as Java/C++.

    I built a simple java based simulation framework that actually achieves the above goals but I am not sure how to attach them to brokers to access their data and trading facilities.

    Please bear my innocence as I am just starting something on my own.

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    Interactive Broker's TWS API will do this.
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    ninjatrader can do all you ask for.. but its c#
  4. sam, if you already built your platform in java then you just need to hookup a broker.

    all you'll be doing is converting/massaging the brokers format for orders/ticks into whatever format your proprietary program uses. you'll have to write a program in the broker's api that does this conversion. (eg takes an order as defined in your java program and converts it to the format your broker accepts).

    so checkout a bunch of brokers and see whose api you find most comfortable.

    InteractiveBrokers (IB) has one of the best APIs, it's simple + powerful plus they have java and c++ support.

    you might also want to checkout, they don't accept orders but since you're just starting out you might find a $1/month tick feed an inexpensive trial project for connecting to outside data sources.
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    look again
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    Thanks. My bad, I should have clicked on Proprietary API tab.