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    I trade using Tos and IB. Those who know me, know I am futures and options for years. After some backtesting of strategies of ToS I wanted to automate the system because signals happen on the futures in the middle of the night or during the day and I cannot watch it 24/7. It is a simple swing system but ToS only lets me program for backtesting the strategy (did that enough) and IB is not too clear.

    What are your suggestions for platforms for simple automated strategies on futures? I have as much programming skills as I do a chance of nailing Jessica Alba so something with straightforward language would be nice. Appreciate any suggestions because I cannot babysit this anymore..time to automate it...
  2. I heard TradeStation was good for simple programming (they named the language 'EasyLanguage' so hopefully that's very true by now). I was going to look into that if/when the time came to automate.
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    Exchange rules is someone needs to be monitoring any algo that can place trades. Just limit to regular trading hours and monitor yourself.
  4. Automated trading means I don't have to sit in front of the computer for every trade, the algo will take care of that.
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    For IB, I would say multicharts, the easylanguage version you can learn the basics very quickly. If you get stuck on something basic, will be happy to help, or there are people 100x better at EL than me that can help on here somewhere. It has some shortcomings but is still pretty powerful, and compared to writing strategies in ninja, it's pretty basic.

    For instance, here is a built in strat for buy on ma cross

    inputs: Price( Close ), Length( 9 ), ConfirmBars( 1 ) ;
    variables: var0( 0 ) ;

    condition1 = Price > AverageFC( Price, Length ) ;
    if condition1 then
    var0 = var0 + 1
    var0 = 0 ;

    condition1 = CurrentBar > ConfirmBars and var0 = ConfirmBars ;
    if condition1 then
    Buy ( "MACrossLE" ) next bar at market ;
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    We offer drag and drop algo development with ADL at Trading Technologies and have an active group of algo developers in our TT Community.

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  7. if only it were easier to educate ones self on this product. there are very few examples other than general concepts. i see even in the forums people are struggling what will tt do to resolve this or will more years continue to go by. example the picture you post means nothing to anyone here except to say to self "wtf".
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    What I posted above is a snippet of a much more elaborate algo. Algos can be very complex or very, very simple. Here's a sample algo taken direct from the TT help library.
  9. I will look that over thanks! So bummed ToS has the strategy programmer for backtesting/signalling but not for actual automatic trading...
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  10. DM strategy to see if it can be coded on NT. NT comes with a coding wizard NT7 not NT8. NT8 strategy wizard is not complete as NT7. NT7 walks you through more and defines the strategy as a whole.
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