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    Has anyone here had any experence with the ES trading method called "Simple as 1-2-3"? If so, how have you faired?
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    i skimmed through the PDF.

    by intuition, that system looks pretty weak and elementary.

    there's not much in his criteria...
  3. It may be an elementary method however it does work quite well.

    The theory is there are a number of set-ups, any one of which can occur on a daily basis and allow "safe" trades to be made.

    The goal in points is minimal but consistent - contracts can be added to increase profits where required.

    The manual and a traders chat room are free. I no longer sit in the room but I still use most of the set-ups.

    If you have a strong desire to pay thousands and learn complicated ambiguous set-ups that will blow your account up quickly, this isn't for you.

    If you want a simple consistent method to make 4-6 points most days, I suggest you check it out.

    The price is right.
  4. For someone using IB as their broker and their own charting package, what are the ticker codes needed to create the same setup used in this system?

    I only trade the DAX, HSI and FTSE100 and have no idea where to start for US markets.
  5. Is it to do with trading 1-2-3-high and 1-2-3-low formations? (In which case the answer is yes, for me). Or something completely different that sounds similar? (In which case it's probably no).
  6. It's not. They have a free manual that explains what it is.

  7. electron,

    Where in the heck do we find such a manual/pdf file so we can
    all rate this simple as 1-2-3 strategy?
  8. Haven't looked at this, since I do not want sales calls. But, I suspect that this is what they are talking about:

  9. Thanks very much, Charles. I'm sure that must be the one.
  10. Sorry I haven't checked this forum more frequently.

    That is the correct URL listed in a previous post.

    You won't get any sales calls if you volunteer your email address to download the manual. I don't blame everyone for being jaundiced about vendors but there is nothing to panic over - you will get Marsh Jones training schedule emailed to you once a month but if this offends you, the opt out on the email list does work.

    The manual is a start but you need to sit in the free paltalk room and listen to really get the gist of how to trade the method.

    If you are successfully daytrading the emini S and P I wouldn't bother with Marsh's site. If you are struggling or have lost money, this is the best low-risk way I know to turn it around (if it can be turned around).

    Anyway, starting to sound like a sales pitch and I have no connection to the site or Marsh Jones...just saw a comment about it being "elementary" which I suppose it is and thought I would expand as I have some experience with the method.

    Good trading to all...
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