Simple app scripting language?

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  1. easymon1


    Can anyone recommend a good Simple app scripting language?

    I'm wanting to implement this little calculator.

    Account Size ____
    Trade Risk % ____
    Stop Loss in Ticks ____
    Tick Value ____
    Output =
    No. Contracts ____

    Search term: simple app scripting language
  2. DaveV


    If you will be manually entering the inputs, Excel is probably your best bet.
  3. userque


    Or Google Sheets.
  4. easymon1


    I did whip one up in excel and it works great, but for the screen real estate it takes up with the Title Bar, and the Menu Bar...

    It'd be great if it was no bigger than than this:

    Position Size Calc 95.png

    It'd be a good way to get a feel for putting a simple app together.

    Couple of good scripting languages? Vote 'em up.
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  5. lindq


    I've searched for a long time for a simple, clean, mini-spreadsheet app to keep on a desktop.

    But I've never found one. If you do, rush on back here and post a source.
  6. easymon1


    Indeed. Until I get a transparent overlay of that little calculator above, I may resort to using a second spreadsheet implementation that has as much stripped away and minimized (menu bar, function bars, scroll bars, etc) as possible. That should leave the non-cannibalized main spreadsheet ready for the rest.

    Is there a way to get rid or minimize that cannibalized Spreadsheet's Title Bar in windows without doing the same to all the other windows?
  7. d08


    Python and Qt (PyQt will do). Should not take more than a week to make if you're completely new to it.
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  8. lindq


    I invite you to take a crack at it, and make a contribution to mankind.

    A few rows, a few columns, basic calculations.

    Thanks in advance!
  9. kmiklas


    Kotlin should be on the list if you have a Java background.

    Python 3 and Golang would also be on my short list for you.
  10. I was able to create an app using C# in Visual Studio in a few minutes:


    There are no calculated fields as I don't know your exact calculation but adding that functionality would not be difficult.

    If you're interested you can DM me and I can share the code with you.
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