Sim trading p&l 2009

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  1. Hi.
    I been browsing these forums for a while and love the 'real' p&l thread.
    Lets have a sim version for those of us who aren't there yet.
    It seems pretty much impossible to make consistent gains but lets see how we get on.
    I like to lose my pretend money on the ES trading 1 contract (may aswell keep it realistic as possible), but you can post blotters of whatever it is that you trade....
    Let the blotters commence.
  2. ok. Up $300
    Beaten up in globex. Then made some good trades after the open. Gave some back, and then recoverted in the evening.
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  3. About the same again today.
    1 contract - about $300 made.
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  4. Eight



    I incorporated some new ideas into the strategy over the weekend, they are fine but learning to integrate them cost me.

    Edit: there are at least two of us here :D
  5. +452.85

    I think this is a good idea for those of us who are still learning :)
  6. Stopping already as its my best day so far since starting this thread.
    1 contract as always - up $525

    thanks for joining in you two!
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  7. Eight




    Struggling a bit.. not too concerned, should start netting positive this week or next.
  8. not as good as my previous 3 but still positive, and even this amount of money for the day would be lovely in real money!!

    up about $105 -1 contract as always

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    Just playing with it. All this week I've been revising the strategy. At last I'm very happy with it. The next phase is to execute it well...
  10. +34.00

    nothing to write home about but at least it's positive :)
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