silverton bank of georgia - Bankrupt

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by chuckybrown70, May 1, 2009.

  1. number 30 of the year. 1.3 billion.

    lets see them ignore that.

    let the selling begin.
  2. Yawn.
  3. Need 100 more of these before FDIC go bankrupt.
  4. every friday there is a report of one or two bank failures. everybody is desensitized to this type of news.
  5. not sure if everyone knows, but listened to the fdic chairwoman on tues.

    all bankrupt banks close on friday, the FDIC comes in on that afternoon and takes over, the bank is sold and re-opens monday.

    report i heard is, no-body wants this bank.

    also citizens comunity bank FOLDED

    u are right, 2 0r 3 banks closing every week, market continues up, but not this week.

    that is my newbie call, lets see if stress tests, overbought market and bad news finally adds up to some degree of sanity.

    or if dreamworld of everyone creating money continues....