SILVERS CRASHING! May 1st Sunday Down 12%

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  1. The only news I could find, MF Global raised margins on silver to 175% of CMEs rate. Seems MFG customers have been forced to sell.

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  2. This may be a dumb question but does anyone know why IB margin for SI remains steady at 12825 and the CME site says 14513? This IB number hasn't changed in weeks as far as I know.
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  3. ammo


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  4. Bought some silver futures and logged on to ET to confirm my decision. Anyone else notice an ascending triangle on the hourly?

    Interestingly enough, this is the second futures contract I've ever traded and the first time I've ever been a "buyer of the dip"- I'm just that bullish about silver.

    I think this commodity crash is due to the recent news that Bin Laden was shot dead as it suggests less risk for the markets. This guy probably never placed a trade yet we're still giving him credit for moving markets more than the guys at SAC capital.

    Anyway, as a hedge I might short oil.
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  5. The drop happened at the same time Bin Laden was pronounced dead. Maybe bin laden was hording silver and now its all going to be sold on the open market.
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  6. Look at the chart again...I belive it started before the announcement...
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  7. Are you really that stupid?......LOL
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  8. Another dumbass conclusion.....

    This site is full brainless trade analysis, it never ends :eek:
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  9. I think we can all agree that the precious metals were ready for a correction and news of the death of Bin Laden just set fuel to the fire. I don't want to outline the entire process but do bear in mind that precious metals are preferred flight to safety asset when risks elevate. The death of Bin Laden signifies the demise of Al Queida, which in turn reduces foreign national security risks.
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