Silver's a BUBBLE!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Hansel H, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. There's no shortage of silver. This is a speculative mania.

    Silver started this run at $4. It's up almost 1000%.

    It's just the uptrend of the day and has little in the way of fundamentals to justify these prices.
  2. How do you know it won't go up another 1000% before the bubble bursts?
  3. moarla


    its not silver the bubble,. its the US dollar a bubble

  4. S&P is a bubble thanks to uncle Ben.
  5. Butterball


    Ride it up and then ride it down.
  6. bonds


    You can add many other things to the bubbles that Bernanke has created...
  7. Exactly. That's the logic of every bubble. We'll know the bubble is about to burst when everybody "knows" it's going up another 1000% or for that matter when everybody KNOWS it's going up another 10%.
  8. Yes my point is we are unlikely to be at that point yet. Most people I know outside of trading don't even know silver has gone up. Most of them don't even know it was ever a currency..
  9. Butterball


    Not that those things are preconditions for Silver to drop. Hundreds of markets in history have been cut in half without a mass retail investor participation and mania.
  10. Yes, there's truth in what you say. We're still a way from the cab driver checking his Ag spot while driving but barring the complete demise of the US$ silver will eventually be once again primarily just another commodity and will be priced according to supply.
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