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  1. So what do you losers think about silver, ready to get wrecked when dollar comes back or long term buy?
  2. It's gonna brake 20$...:D :D

    I own CDE and HL. Wish me luck. :)
  3. yea i think it'll break $21 and gain a new high
  4. Hmmm...tough...lets weigh the facts.

    Silver supply is dwindling.

    Dollar supply is ever increasing.

    Yeah, I'm going to go with silver hitting new highs on this one.

  5. HL is a dog if you plan to hold it long term. That stock should've gone through the roof already, but it never does. I made some money on it last year trading it as its very predictable. It almost always crashes right before Options expiry. Usually it will go above $5 a few days before options expiry and close under $5 on options expiry.
  6. The bullish seasonal tendency also helps.
  7. told ya
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    An 80's style spike of metals is becoming more likely every time any more QE is mentioned or implemented.

    Silver and Palladium are my sleepers that dont seem to have as much buzz as they deserve.
  9. 30$ today?

    What next...

    The 70's record was 50$ I believe...
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    JPM and other short operations having been silenced, $50 should be in the cards within a year. At least John Embry thinks so, he being one of the very few I pay attention to.
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