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  1. No one cares about silver. Just tagging along with gold..

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    i expect gold/silver to top soon if they ahven't already today

    silver 14 is massive resistance
  3. All that hocus pocus is imaginary.
  4. cool, you got any to sell? Yeah did not think so.

    Silver is moving up more than gold, percentage wise.
  5. SLV just keeps going up a little every day. I can't wait for it to pull back, so I can buy more. If you look at a long term chart of silver and gold, silver is the much better value. Plus, when our economy collapses, I will be buying groceries with my silver American Eagles, not my gold ones.
  6. dont forget about the poor mans gold, that would only be foolish. history proves that it is more volital than gold so the moves to the upside and downside are more dramatic. silver will outperform gold, and like the wise ole dr. pepper wont be buying groceries with gold. if push comes to shove ill be purchasing gas, food, etc with pre64 dimes and quarters. its amazing the lack of knowledge on the general public about the economy and metals. silver has sooooo many fundamental elements added to it that could make it surpass the 1980s with flying colors and if that happens i hope all of us will be positioned:cool:
  7. Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not that old...:(
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    123 isn't old? :D
  9. Good post.
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    I can't help but wonder, if it ever got to the point where you had to do that, what grocery store would still be doing business? Wouldn't the looters, or worse - the invading armies - have cleaned them out by then? :D
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