Silver -sih9

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by sell_the_news, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Anyone scalp silver during the morning session?:D
  2. no scalps on silver but been in a long position for a few weeks, i just tightened my stops on the rest of my position. running into alot of price and time resistance... hope you made some good change:)
  3. gold and silver on the move afterhours... silver near a triple top resistance on a daily chart at the $14 level. we are just above the 200dma, alot of key times here at this level so have to wait and see what the market brings us. would be nice if the DX A0-dollar index would tank to give a little more steam and break thru resistance. loving the action right now:D
  4. Sitting in a levered futs position with stops with silver moving this slow would be enough to drive anyone crazy.
  5. youre leveraged? godspeed... where you in from? hopefully you caught a decent chunk of the move

  6. you think??
  7. No I'm not. I'm cash long since October ... but I've been levered before and its never worked out for me. Enough to drive you nuts. Esp now considering how much vol has contracted. Just waiting for vol to come back with 1.50 moves per day.