Silver quarters pre-1965

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  2. Local coin dealer, jewelers are buying, collectors. If you still have one, open a local phone book, otherwise hit the internet. Ebay, or search collectors, and you can find someone, but take time to find a honest place. If it is worth $5 then you will mostly likely only get $3-4 from someone buying who is a dealer. I have a bunch of quarters, dimes, and silver dollars, and I keep putting off brining them in for cash.
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    Thanks, finding a few things on The search brings up jewelry stores, but they don't specifically say they buy coins.
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    I have some old pennies, 1890 and such, and some 1927-1929 quarters too. Those old quarters are worn thin, they feel like tokens.
  5. Yeah, dealers are the biggest rip offs. I've seen some that only give you 50 cents on the dollar for old silver coins.

    Your best bet is ebay. You will 99.9% of the time get silver spot rate or slightly better (maybe as much as 7.5% over spot) The bad news is, Ebay and paypal will cut about 10% total off your final sell price plus if you want to compete with the other coin sellers you have to offer free shipping so that will cut into your final price too.

    I would call APMEX though. I dont know what they pay for US coins,but I know they generally give good prices for buying silver rounds (usually very close to spot) and you dont have to give 10% away to ebay/paypal (but you do pay your own shipping)

    I sold a few thousand dollars of silver on ebay and thought I did pretty good, but after fees on ebay, I found out that I would've got about $50 or so more if I would've just sold to apmex.
  6. List them on Craigs list. I have seen silver coins and copper pennies by the pound listed in areas well outside of metro areas - like Maine. Now trying to exchange euros or GBP for dollars on CL is a far different story. Here in central PA I have seen people selling a handful of silver coins, as well as a hoard worth a couple of grand. If you find CL to be a hassle, then you be better off biting the bullet and listing them on Ebay and hold your nose paying the fees, especially if the larger dealers are offering low prices.

    You could also try coin forums, but not sure if you want to get involved in cashing checks or paypal and then mailing the coins without the protection of an ebay guarantee. If accepting paypal, have the person gift you the money. Otherwise there is fee of 3% ish.