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  1. Can anyone recommend some silver plays? The SLV iShares seem expensive. Anyone recommend some stocks/etfs more reasonably priced?
  2. at this time SLV is the only ETF for silver

    some silver stocks I trade are


    if you just want to own some silver

    you can buy "junk" silver coins from any established
    bullion + "junk" silver coin dealer

    junk silver coins usually contain 90 % silver ( and sometimes 40 % silver or less )

    if you have alot of experience as a trader and are willing to nibble on silver futures ... there are mini silver futures

    the CBOT has one called YI ( 1 contract YI = 100 shares of SLV )
    the COMEX will also be introducing mini silver futures in a week
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    why do you say the slv shares seem expensive?
  4. Compared to the GLD price, its more than double a share. Seems more expensive to me in terms of dollars and cents.
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    So... which is currently worth more, 10 oz of silver or 0.1 oz of gold? Would you rather SLV be sold in single ounces and pay 10x the commission? Would that make it a better value?
  6. CDE - Stock will double from here.