silver oversold in over night market!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by shahdad, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. shahdad


    just got home and was checking my regular thing....

    silver is way over sold!

    rsi is at the lowest ive ever seen, and lowest fall in an over night market

    i just got in for a sept future contract

    just letting people know

    g luck
  2. nice,
    sounds like you will be losing some money :)
  3. shahdad


    ...and why would you say that???
  4. Surdo


    $15 felt like the bottom also!
    Nothing like catching a falling knife.
  5. shahdad


    so you don't think the knife just hit the ground?
  6. shahdad


    because silver has not fallen like this after ny close in the overnight market...

    and it thought its be a good heads up for everyone, even if it is still falling

    ...from that height, cats even bounce
  7. .....and that's why I don't use indicators

    ......or say the word "over-sold"
  8. i'm always amazes me to see people taking random absurd decisions based on equally random and absurd logic.
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  10. Hi Shadad, am in Washington State, USA. Looking for a silver
    quote-3am now but much earlier saw in Hong Kong silver quote
    [which just started trading @$12.84. I just could not believe this!
    You contemplating to purchase a silver Comex contract or go
    long SLV? OR, my friend, is this '79-'80 once again?????
    Tread cautiously-
    #10     Aug 15, 2008