Silver Head, and Shoulder?

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  1. If you look intra-day it seems like a Head, and Shoulder chart on the Silver market (9:30Am-11:58AM). I don't know I may be wrong, but it looks like it to me.
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    You will see what you wish. :D
    Intraday HS...hummm.
  3. No comment on whether its a hns intraday as I dont use those charts.

    But if thats what you see then you have clear risk/ all hns patterns provide that.

    So man up....put the trade on....and set it and forget it.

    Other than that comment i`d rather put my nuts in a vice than short metals. Less painfull....
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    That's right. Best to wait for a dip to buy. Shorting precious metals currently will make an old man out of you.
  5. Well I see a head, and shoulder on Silver. But I also need a rise on the dollar. That would be nice because it would add further pressure to silver selling.
  6. With all due respect, are you insane?
  7. Silver trading in a tight range of 29.20, and 29.10, I am seeing a head and shoulder. With a minor gap up in the dollar index. If I can see a break out in the dollar index even temporary. It will give me enough room to scalp a short position in the silver market.
  8. SIZ0 +.658 or 2.3%... .10 off hod

    SLV +.62 or 2.25%... .12 off hod

    Wheres the selling pressure, serious question, cause I see relentless buying on my screen?
  9. Dollar continues to fall, and my breakout indicator doesn't seem like it will work. The only thing left is Silver fear. But, even I am becoming doubtful of that because the dollars continuing down trend. Hmm, this head and shoulder may fail due to external macro events.
  10. Dollar continuing the down trend it is already in. I'd better be smart about this and go long silver. Instead, I'll just have to take a quick trade off the 20-day intra-day MA, and switch my positioning.
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