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    Too bad you didn't do the Comex futures as a synthetic spread - you would be in much better shape than the GLD vs. SLV ETF Pair on a currency-adjusted basis. Much better.
  2. can you pls elaborate?
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    Being long Gold futures versus Silver futures on a weighted basis has performed significantly better than the equity ETF shares pairs trade.
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    You posted in the futures section, and there are significant performance differences between ETFs and Futures.


  5. ok, i withdraw my question

    but a chart going back longer than 1 month would be a better illustration
  6. Silver is almost at par with gold, currently. Very useful info!!! Two thumbs up.
  7. what may explain the different performances ?

    i look at XAUXAG Index (in bloomberg) against GLD/SLV, the graph looks almost the same.
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    I show similar results to GLD/SLV on a contract equivalent basis (silver is a 5000oz contract, while gold is 100oz, so multiply the silver by 50 to put it in "gold terms".)

    I hope you are long gold/short silver VERY recently, or you have been taking some heat!
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    You have to blend volatility and currency weighting in order to arrive at a suitable hedge ratio for a futures spread. The precise volatility weighting is 2.3 : 1

    Your weighting is incorrect.
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