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  1. Is there some news about a silver ETF?
    I saw that headline on muted CNBC, that would explain partly the recent breakout
  2. tomcole


    Headline was yesterday
  3. Guess that is one reason why SI is way up, all while Gold is faltering today
  4. you're late

    the breakout from $9.24 happened 48 hours before the SEC alerted the AMEX that SLV could be listed pending public comment...

    so the word from the SEC leaked somehow (imagine that), and the COMEX warehouse silver pile increased by several million oz. since....

    SLV will need a pile of registered silver from someplace since it will be backed by physical, unless the filing is modified to include some other derivative(s) ..............

    just an opinion of course...........
  5. one can only imagine the arb. plays that will be put on in a very small silver market between SLV and futures..........

    I wonder if the fine folks at the COMEX will have to adjust postion limits...........
  6. Can we hope that this will at least tighten the spread a bit on YI?
  7. oopps...........

    the silver ETF is the iShare version, not SLV as I mistakenly typed....

    SLV ... akin to GLD, is yet to come, so I'm told....
  8. hi illiquid ... if you ever need the spread to be tightened in YI after hours let me know
    I wont be able to do much if the MM's
    don't follow my lead though

  9. any e wave or TA chartists willing to
    make a prediction on $10 or $9 silver
    as the next big round number hit
    please post some charts or opinons

    I can either use the enlightenment
    or a good laugh !

    #10     Jan 28, 2006