Silver ETF (SLV)

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by romik, Apr 28, 2006.

Do you think SLV is a sound invetment? (Poll As of October 13, 2009)

  1. See u @ $5.00

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  2. See u @ $250.00

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  1. romik


    This is not meant to be a day trading journal, just a one off buy and hold trade, OK, an investment.

    Bought 300 shares @ 131 earlier today, no margin. Holding period 5-10+ years or until $250/ounce, whichever is first.

    If you are considering day trading SLV, please feel free to post your ideas/trades here. Any discussion on the subject of Silver is most welcomed.
  2. romik


    actually I meant to say INVESTMENT :) typo
  3. StasDesy


    Got SLV at 134, first 100shares. Will add as it moves along.

    I think long time its way safer and better than any bond/stock out there.

    However there is a bearish case for SLV. They say SLV has 98% bullish sentiment. So there is no more money on the sidelines. I personally think its BS.
  4. lwlee


    Gold versus silver? Given the current and future currency valuations, wouldn't gold be a good bet?
  5. Quark


    How about see you at $7?

    Uniformly bullish sentiment usually does not equal continued progress to the upside. But, hey, it's probably all BS because this time it's different.
  6. romik


    There is no way these shares are going to $7, unless you refer to ounce silver valuation, which in itself is also a bit of a remote possibility.
  7. Quark


    Since your poll referred to the per ounce price, so did I.

    May the certainty you have in your position be appropriately rewarded.
  8. rosy


    has anyone looked into spreading SLV with ecbot silver contract. or somehow pooling SLV, ecbot SI, comex silver and any other silver instrument (xag/usd) to create liquidity. SI is such a choppy mkt
  9. If you intend to wait up to 10+ years, I would've taken that money and actually bought PHYSICAL silver coins/bars.
  10. moo


    The SLV trust has already gathered 42m ounces of silver in just one week of trading. Since the worldwide inventory is only about 10x that, how long it can take for the price to start rocketing?

    Just wondering.
    #10     May 5, 2006