Silver ETF approved

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by rhymeswithorang, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. only up about 10 cents since announced
  2. menelaus


    By my information, the ETF is not officially approved, only rule changes have been approved to pave the way for its approval, this is not done yet.
  3. looks like the lone ranger has been buying the dips
    today ... now will it stick ... ?

    hiyo silver and awaaaay ?

  4. Surdo


    Just keep an eye on Tonto!

    This baby has legs.
  5. this Friday's COT will catch today's action....

    it appeared there were a chunk of stops hit above 10.46, aawwhhh
  6. roncer


    Whats the smybol for the ETF?
  7. Believe it will be SLV, hasn't listed yet
  8. roncer


  9. there is renewed speculation that the ETF for silver
    will be trading soon

    hope this will reduce some of the volatility in silver prices
    as it has been making my head spin at times

  10. Can't wait for all the hobby newbies jump on this silver ETF and half a dozen bn $ hedge funds majorly short it at the same time. Will be fun to watch...
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