Silver down over 9% since Friday's close

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  1. I have an order to buy USLV at $7.92 (posted on Friday here) but it might open much lower than that tomorrow.
  2. What a great buy point, too bad USLV isn't available to trade now.
  3. What's the point of referencing an order that (thankfully) was not filled? I'll be buying ABX at the open.
  4. I scaled into some large miner positions last week. Mid to long term trade. I think things are pretty overdone at this point. Could be very wrong of course.
  5. gkishot


    My prediction metals will keep going down for the rest of the year.
  6. ABX under 18.25 will be a nice long entry tomorrow.
  7. Ditto... Feel this is more of a buy dollar, sell metals rotation that is only in the top of the fourth inning.
  8. Going back up but still below Friday's close.

    Why hasn't gold fallen that much? Don't gold and silver tend to move together?
  9. Got long gold at 1347.80. If I had bigger balls I would have been buying this move on silver. Will be the start of a medium to longer term posistion. Will be looking for that reversal bar tomorrow or I'll probably get out and wait for a better entry.

    Stop is at 1327.10
  10. Probably good long-term play in years though, imho, some short-term pain as more paper gold gets liquidated.
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