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    any idea where to get some ? also where would you store it, other than burry them (which I am not too keen on..)

    I figure worst case scenario, hand on "cash" is the silver. Gold they might kill you for but silver coinz will buy food, water etc maybe even gas your car......
    I do not even care for myself buy I have a daughter.....

    Bank deposit boxes were my original idea but if the bank would fail, I suppose they would not open deposit boxes either.....
  2. What on earth makes you think, in the post apocalyptic scenario you envisage, where your unlikely to have a residence, that bags of heavy metal might even be possible to cart around?

    Or that you could even "buy" water or food, what a joke.

    There's a reason people turn to looting in dire circumstances you know, and that stage would have passed long before your precious silver is worth anything.
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    i think the point he's trying to make is that the dollar is going to be worth not much now which i agree, wide times this are ... !!!
  4. I kinda figured that, but it still stands-its easy enough to look at the bank/currency runs of argentina, the hyperinflation of brazil, africa, there are a LOT of case studies; true enough, those in the know in brazil/argentina divested early (to foreign currency etc) or were lumped with it, but that's the trick isnt it-trade or barter in precious metals is normally, by those examples, (even historically, back to the romans) banned on pain of death or close enough to it.
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    "any idea where to get some ? also where would you store it, other than burry them (which I am not too keen on..)"

    Check for local coin shows. You can buy all the common US silver you want for a little above melt. You can also buy on eBay for melt or sometimes a little below. Just be sure that you know what you are buying.

    As to storage, what's nice about US silver coinage is that it can be rolled into coin tubes for easy storage. Dependent upon the volume you anticipate purchasing, a small safe and or "secret" storage place in your home should do just fine. I prefer the latter because if you are present and "they" see the safe, "they" will make you open it.

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  8. All of these lunatics think that once the world crashes, there will instantly be a gold and silver market - and the grocery stores will operate just like it did on money. They'll just put up a sign saying "We only take gold and silver now".

    The best thing to own in such an imaginary place would be weapons and ammunition.

  9. Well its a tough topic, i wasnt trying to be facetious, and your quite right-by the time they stop accepting cash, there would have been nothing to buy for some time, just the absurdity of buying gas-in silver, no less-at a gas station-to go to work.........your cash is worthless, why go to work?

    Yet thats exactly what happened in post soviet russia for example, (except for the precious metal coins) schoolteachers, army generals, weren't paid for months, many never were, yet they DID go to work, precisely why , or what they lived on is food for thought, no?

    Perhaps, the russians had an advantage in such an environment, ivanovich-vodka as a univeral currency, and you had to que for bread anyway.

    That was in bad taste, but i had to, sorry 'bout that.:p
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