Siligardos method : an application

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  1. We usually read at or
    or elsewhere
    that stock XXXX outperforms or underperforms the market.
    Siligardos method []
    may give a simple visual criterion to have our own estimate.
    If we take Value=RSI() *we will have a RErsi identical to close graph for each stock.
    If we replace it with Value=MeanRSI, ie the average RSI() of the market, we may easily compare how the stock performs the market.
    The red graph is the virtual Close, if the stock was aligned with the market.
    The stock outperforms the market when the black line is higher than the red and underperforms the market when the black line is below.
    Dimitris Tsokakis
    PS: *Tomasz Janeczko formula at
    was modified to create the attached amibroker chart
    For more details see