silicon valley is back !!!!

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    a synapses of "woo hoo" by victoria murphy and quentin hardy

    published 12-8-2003 forbes

    1. bubbly is breaking out all over the high tech heartland.
    firms who where unwilling to spend $40.00 per person at the sanfrancisco nightclub "ruby skye" several months ago are now paying $70.00. hewlett packard and sales force recently held events for 400 plus guests. " the good times are back !" ( emphasis mine) says skye owner george karpaty.

    2. workers are job hopping again, recruiters are reporting brisk business.

    3. the "hype machines" are back. billings at sparkpr are 45% higher since june than they were the first 5 months of the year, mostly due to new clients.

    4. DEPOSITS at silicon valley bank are higher than any other time during the past 2 years & there is an uptick in capital loans.

    silicon valley is BACK !!

    MSFT 25 2005 leaps are looking sweet here....


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