silicon valley is back !

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  1. a synapses of "woo hoo" by victoria murphy and quentin hardy

    published 12-8-2003 forbes

    1. bubbly is breaking out all over the high tech heartland.
    firms who where unwilling to spend $40.00 per person at the sanfrancisco nightclub "ruby skye" several months ago are now paying $70.00. hewlett packard and sales force recently held events for 400 plus guests. " the good times are back !" ( emphasis mine) says skye owner george karpaty.

    2. workers are job hopping again, recruiters are reporting brisk business.

    3. the "hype machines" are back. billings at sparkpr are 45% higher since june than they were the first 5 months of the year, mostly due to new clients.

    4. DEPOSITS at silicon valley bank are higher than any other time during the past 2 years & there is an uptick in capital loans.

    silicon valley is BACK !!

    MSFT 25 2005 leaps are looking sweet here....


    surfer :) :) :)
  2. dealmaker


    Just listened to Ric Urrutia founder/ CEO of Taos Mountain Software on "SpartanUp" podcast say "Silicon Valley" is growing, improving and gaining on the #2 technology center.

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  3. vanzandt


    Thread thesis aside... when I clicked on it and I saw Surf (without looking at the date) was back as a sponsor I have to admit.... I smiled.
    Oh well. I miss Surf. I hope some screwball here didn't step into his world in real life. That would be f'd up.
    He made a post that I wanted to ask him about but never did.
    What did this refer to? //////"after what happened at mar a lago, i question the wisdom of providing details on here"//////
    If somebody threatened him or his family for real.... that is messed up.
  4. Maverick74


    There are some highly unstable people on this site Zany. One of them had the genius idea to call in a threat at this event not realizing apparently it is the residence of the President of the US. It didn't take secret service long to trace the call. I was at the event and I can verify that it took place. I don't know what it is about this site that attracts the batshit loons but it sure does.
  5. vanzandt


    Thats too bad... cause its all for fun. Perhaps I'm being naive. Won't be the first time.
    But Surf is Surf.

    If you're out there Surf..... We need to find Baby Surf a dog. A pit-bull/lab/boxer mix....
    You can call it a service dog to get it in the high rise.

    ....And a keyboard lol...
    We can't have baby surf growing up to be a dummy. A keyboard and some early mathematical exposure via easily understandable music in the ears of an infant that will replicate what they hear via the only toy they have will take care of this. This is way too deep for the average bear. Whatever.

    Herbalife up today Mav.... haha.... can we call it a trend? ;) Its game over bro. $50's cometh.
  6. sle


    You think the share of batshit loons on this site is higher then the general Internet average?
  7. vanzandt


    Matters not.
    The guy posted here for all to see. He shared much of his personal life. Who cares what goes down with the rest of Internet. Surf was (is) cool in his own way. He has balls. So what if his market calls were wrong? Who cares.
    Nail me to the cross.... but I liked Surf. He had the moxy to post what he believed, and was not afraid to voice his opinion for the world to see. The man has balls imo.
    I'm sure this post will not make me any new friends.... but it is what it is.
  8. Maverick74


    I think it's higher then avg for a forum, not the overall internet. I think part of the reason is the fact that most people here struggle to make money so any personal issues that arise happen with that in the backdrop.
  9. dealmaker


    I am annoyed reading this! Too many people "without a life" on the net! I hope the bastard who called in the bomb-scare pays dearly!
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  10. luisHK


    lol, if the guy did indeed call Mar a Lago with a bomb threat, you can bet he's in for a hard time. Unfortunately not that sure the same will happen if he harrasses Surf's family. Gotta be a little careful on internet.
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