Silicon Valley companies fighting for talent

Discussion in 'Economics' started by igriot, Oct 25, 2010.

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    In the midst of a jobs crunch that has thousands of people out of work in Silicon Valley, there's a hiring frenzy going on among startups, social networking companies and some of the valley's tech giants, reports Pete Carey in the San Jose Mercury News. <a href="">Read more</a>
  2. Yes...because the only way America is going to get competitive again is to make the other guys less competitive. Get the indians & chinese addicted to social networking sites like facebook and myspace, and have them working on their farms on farmville and trying to get the highest score on bejewled and before you know it...their productivity is out the window and we can outproduce them again.

    So of course we are using our best talent to get foreign nations addicted to time wasting computer applications that rot their brains.

    A perfect plan.