Signs you have made it as a trader

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    Golden Porsche:

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    I drive the same kind of car as Perot.
  3. people who invest in expensive toys are not signs to me they made it as a trader. It only shows they are trying to get others to notice them. That is the sign of an empty existence, not that you are successful

    If you are not self-satisfied that your life has meaning, then even a Lamborghini won't help you.

    Or buying a 26 bedroom house, so you can wander the hallways in your lonely existence? You like the concept of paying a fortune for its upkeep?

    A Honda Civic or a Jaguar? The latter will cost multiple times as much in its $250 tires, huge repair bills for even minor damage, insurance etc. The former is well designed and will last longer. I consider the former a better investment.

    Umpteen years ago, the company I working for was laying off heavily. One woman there bought a car priced well out of her league "because I am worth it" A few months later, she was laid off with many others.

    I much prefer the model of people like Sam Walton. He wore the same overalls and drove his old truck. He didn't give a dang what anyone else thought. Money wasn't changing him.

    Many wealthy people seek privacy. Many of them shop at Walmart or Target, because they worked hard for their money and don't plan on blowing to impress their neighbors.

    As they said on the Wizard of Oz, the measure of a man is not how much you love, but how much you are loved by others.

    We are here to care for the downtrodden, to be stewards, to be merciful, and to use excesses to assist others. A good watching of Christmas Carol is a good lesson.

    You can learn a lot more via the incredible philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie, than from the lives of the targets of the Paparazzi. Does anyone really envy a couple where she is on her 3rd marriage and he is on his 5th?

    Attention seekers will always crave more and not be satisfied. But it is the Mother Teresas and the Gandhis who will be remembered long after their death.

    I am no Democrat, but Jimmy Carter will always be remembered for his role in Habitat for Humanity.

    THIS is were you can make your start to show you have made it as a trader. Be mature or be infantile. The choice is yours.




  4. absolutely no reason to have 18 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms in your house........unless u do a lot of breeding.
  5. finally agree with rcanfiel.

  6. this is how you calculate what car you are going to buy.

    if you are an individual, and not a company, the care should be bought with cash.

    now, let's say your net worth is say $400k.

    Since a car is not an asset, but a liability you know from the start you're going to lose money for it.

    So, the idea is that you allocate about 2-5% of your worth to that car.

    This means you have allocated about $8k - $20k for the car.

    What these $20k should comprise?

    Well, one is:

    (new car price - car price after 1 year) * number of years you plan to hold it for

    The other is:

    (fuel consumption / mo * 12) * number of years you intend to hold the car for

    And finally. You need to have cash assets about 5 to 10 times greater than the total value of the car.

    Only by doing this math you will actually enjoy your car....

  7. agree on parts of your statement but I have to admit that I drive a RS4 Audi Cab and I like it. Its not that it makes my live more meaningfull but I simply enjoy sitting in this car and feeling the 420HP and hearing the monster sound of the 4.2L V8.
    I did not buy a Porsche because the Audi already earns enough negative comments from people like you.
    It seems that nobody can accept that one reason to buy such a car is that it is ineed fun, more fun than a Honda Civic. Everybody trys to explain that you have a small Penis or you only want to impress your neighbours.
    I don't ask for a meaning in my live, I already passed this stage. I try to make most out of it every day and if I feel like I want to buy something and I have the money then I buy it, its that simple. And if the joy comes out of trying to impress my neighbours then I don't care. I don't visit a psychologist to find out the true reason behind the things I am doing.
  8. Indeed! :)
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    big deal. its a 1st gen boxster with a gold paint job. you can pick one up for less than 15k.

    and p.s.. rs4 is badass besides the horrible mpg.
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