Signs that this is hell: "There will be gnashing of teeth"

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    I have concluded a long while ago, that if there is a proverbial hell, this is it. By "this", i mean a material world of differences making up the environment that mankind, or any other "sentient being" seems to exist in.

    It is my belief that Jesus understood this, and that all his references to "hell", were simply a description of the status quo, the experience of man.

    One of his descriptions, if we can believe anything the bible says about him, was, "And there shall be gnashing of teeth", which i translate to mean, there will be endless arguing among men, jawboning each other to death.

    Endless arguments are ignited by a state of not-knowing. I've described not-knowing as a state of ignorance as well as a state of faith. If everybody knew everything, all arguments would cease and desist. The alternative to all-knowledge, is, as i've said, faith, which is a way to deal with ignorance.

    As such, faith is simply that which we wish were true, without actually knowing what is true.

  2. A man has a grandiose narcissistic sense of himself when he imagines that because his life is a failure, the whole world is involved.

    Probably a boomer.
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    So this would be more evidence/proof of the viewpoint posited.

    Gnashing of the teeth is not an argument!

    The World is fine. I have traveled to over 40 countries (not counting airports or a couple of days) and the US is messed up this year but so what? 95.6% of the world in not in that reality TV circus. Even this will pass soon enough.

    Life in the US is a shallow existence for most.

    The rest of us are chugging along taking the rough with the smooth.

    "Surly and Nasty" he says:
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    I didn't say there weren't any golf courses in hell.

    I'm suggesting hell is such a volatile keg of gunpowder, that anything you say about it can ignite an argument.

    So i've said hell is hell.

    But then we hear, oh no, it's "the universe", it's "everything", it's "mother earth", it's "Gaia", it's "the world", its "God's green earth", or "creation", or , it's a "hologram", or "it is what it is" (but they never tell us what it is), or "it's whatever you perceive it to be".

    Nobody really knows, so they default to faith (it is whatever you wish it to be), which lends itself to arguments.

    I notice that most people try to spin hell into something make excuses for it.

    I would suggest that anyone who can finally figure out that this is hell, his "life" changes from failure to success.
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    Dante had proprietary levels and was a fine chartist as well.
  7. Your dog/avatar...reminds me of John Cleese;
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    We've also heard that in hell there is a "lake of fire".

    Not sure where this comes from. Book of Revelations? Jesus? A Roman Emporer?

    Still, what is the "sun"?

    How is the sun (all stars) not a lake of fire?

    Furthermore, if we stay in hell too long, the sun will become a bomb, blow up, and become an unmitigated lake of fire.

    How is that not hell?
  9. There`s only one thing and it`s The Concious.We are all made of it.But then your mind centering into a body and you start feeling out things.Now everything is feeling out here.You think you touch something, no you feel out smth., you think you observe smth., no you feel out smth., you think you hear smth., no your hearing is being feel out, etc..

    Now you(real you) feel out the bullshit about heaven and hell the sun and the fire.But you think your Good1 gnashing your teeth.Hint:teeth gnashing is being feel out.
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    Now you are getting into the mechanics of hell...what goes on behind the curtains.

    But all this feeling out is still hell.
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