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    Been watching DAKT since a bullish Barron's article a few weeks ago. The article didn't do much good, as it has tanked ever since. However, there were some major positive notes regarding future growth:

    Stadiums - "I know that there's a big tidal wave of opportunity coming," says Michael Alpert, managing director and portfolio manager of the J. & W. Seligman Small Company Growth Team. In 2006 construction began on more than $4 billion worth of arenas and stadiums, a record level of activity, according to McGraw-Hill Construction. The next highest level of construction starts for stadium and arenas was $3 billion in 1997. Craig-Hallum Capital Group analyst Steve Dyer estimates that spending will total more than $14 billion for major college and professional sports facilities opening between now and 2010 -- a notable uptick, he says, from the past three or four years.

    Commercial - You see these LED billboards and DOT signs popping up everywhere. Even here in NC redneck country (most of us have learned how to read).

    And yet, even amid the promise in stadiums, Daktronics' sports division could still trail the growth in the company's commercial business. Just 560 out of 342,000 total billboards in the U.S. are digital, according to the latest data from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Despite the small numbers, the nation's two largest billboard companies, Lamar Advertising and Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, are quickly increasing their inventory of digital displays. Lamar plans to have at least 600 such displays by the end of the year, up from 428 as of May, while Clear Channel plans to deploy 100 in 2007. The existing digital boards already offer benefits. A recent Morgan Stanley research report suggests that Lamar's limited crop of digital boards is producing six to 12 times the revenue of static billboards.

    This once long-haired freaky person took an initial position today. UGH, can't you read the sign?
  2. On my watch list too. Made a bundle with this name split and took it all back a real powerhouse. I got out before the fall.

    It suffers from being perhaps too much mid cap vs what's being invested in right now.

    Interesting LED play. ~SI

    PS I think we all got " haircuts " recently!
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    up 10% today on improving volume. 15% total since original post.

    The sign says: BUY, BUY, BUY
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  5. It does?

    It's at support. Safe. Cozy.

    A ways from a valid breakout.

    Your notion about volume is a little mis-guided. Safety in numbers is a primal instinct. The bell curve. Somebody(s) feeding all that's wanted. And feeding it at support. Not holding out for HIGHER prices. Suggests lot of overhead supply.

    You want volume on the way OUT the door.

    Incidently, STKR also makes LED's. Been around since the early 1950's. Long flat low level base. But the drawback is paitence would be required. Not generally an attribute of people comforted by volume.
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    You're right efficiency. I should have bought STKR, now there's a pretty chart.

    Yea, right.
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    Sold today at $27 for a very nice 25%, 1 week gain. Tried to flip it for a scalp short at 26.93, but no shares available.

    Classic double-top resistance.

    Looking for re-entry in $24.80 - $25 area, or a breakthrough of the double top at $27.31.
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    Got back in today at $27.32 and watched this baby run to HOD of $28.69. (Although I got stopped out at $28.00).

    Unfortunately, the 104 degree weather was more than Duke Power could handle and my power went out at 2:56 (just as I was attempting a scalp long on CSCO). That didn't work out so well, but was more than offset by gains in DAKT.

    Despite the troll here bashing this pick, it has been absolutely fantastic. Up over 30% since my original entry. Even in today's weak market, it still closed up over 5% and above it's 200 day.

    Anybody else been along for this ride?
  9. So pissed. This all happened when I was swatting mosquitoes and marooned on an island with only dial up phone lines. Have you seen these new satellite phone cards that supposedly slip into computers and get internet anywhere...does one work for a mac????

    Oh sh*t.... I could of used this one for sure. GREAT CALL TOPDOWN!
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    Thanks Stoney - This was a nice ride. 3 days up with improving volume. I didn't get all of it, but I got most of it, adding on the way up.

    Pulled back nicely today, I am looking to get back in next week on improved market conditions.

    The word is DAKT has the inside track on the videoboards for the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. These aren't small signs - I'm talking 60 yards wide x 2! Plus the end-zone boards. Should be a HUGE contract. You may or may not like JJ and the Cowboys, but if anything he is doing this stadium Texas Big.

    Here's a link, click on Video Board.

    I do not have any DAKT right now (sold yesterday), being careful on entry and they announce on Wed, 8/15.
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