Signs of online trading addiction

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  1. "The following are the warning signs of a possible online-trading addiction:

    · You're a thrill seeker and enjoy the challenge of trading as much as — and maybe even more than — making money.
    · You're a big risk-taker, willing to gamble large sums of money on a few stocks.
    · You invest heavily on margin and are probably overextended on other credit lines.
    · You have unrealistic expectations about a stock's prospects for increasing in value and the general direction of the market.
    · Family members and friends express concern about your trading.
    · You try to erase your losses by taking bigger risks."

    The last item is known as doubling up/ averaging losers. People that do that tend to have a gambling problem.
  2. Good points mostly but my family has always expressed concerns about my trading and will undoubtedly continue to do so even when I make more in a year than each of them has made in their entire lives. Some people just can't understand risk taking and think that being a part of corporate america with the pension that comes with it should be the way to go. lol!
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